Hi my name is Ashley,I am 27 years old and have been married to an amazing guy for 2 years now and have been working with children for over 13 years now. Minus a few bumps here and there I have enjoyed every moment and plan to continue working with them as long as I can

           Although my name is Ashley I am more commonly known as Ms.Ash-eh-lee by the many amazing children I have taken care of. More recently however I have adopted a new name given to me by several new employers that name is “The Modern Day Mary Poppins.” Yes the name is extremely long  and at first I didn’t feel it was accurate till I started to compare what Mary Poppins did for the Banks family to what I do for the families I work with. In short we do much of the same things I even carry my own bag of tricks with an endless supply of things inside just like Mary Poppins. However we definitely differ when it comes to her tape measure I am in fact NOT “practically perfect in everyway” although I do try my absolute hardest to make every day and hour enjoyable for the kids in my care and as stress-free for the parents as I can. And since I am not perfect that means I make many mistakes, but how I get out of them can make  for some great stories and learning opportunities for parents,nannies and babysitters alike. 

      Hence the idea for this blog. I have billions of stories, advice, and even more screw ups! I have done it all and I’m still going. Come along for my journey in modern day Mary Poppins child care. I promise you won’t be sorry!