7 Tips to Make Your First Day Babysitting Jitters Disappear

Do you have a new babysitting client or is it just your first time babysitting? Whatever the case I’m sure you are nervous which is totally understandable. New kids, new home,new rules it’s all so new and different. But I have a secret for you it’s really not as scary as you think it is. In fact I am going to teach you some ways to totally blow all those first day worries away so you can have a fantastic time with your new kiddos.

First we need to establish some of the common fears that new and experienced babysitters have.

  1. What if the child hate’s me?
  2. What if the child won’t fall asleep?
  3. What if they wont stop crying?
  4. What if they don’t eat their dinner?
  5. What if they accidentally get hurt and it’s all my fault?
  6. What if the parents don’t like how I handled the evening?
  7. What if I forget an important rule the family told me to remember?

These are the top 7 things most babysitters worry about. If you notice most of them have to do with the child you will be spending all your time with ,except the last two,which makes them legitimate worries. Nobody wants to spend hours with a grumpy child.

So you might be asking, “If they are legitimate worries what can I do?” Well that’s where I come in. I can assure you I go through all these worries every time I get a new client so I know what you are going through.Lets go over each one and I will tell you how to either out think your worries or stop them all together with a few simple truths about each one. Let the count down begin.

7.What if I forget a rule?– This one is easy. If you forget a rule and the child does something they are not supposed to, it’s OK. That’s right you read that correctly. It’s OK. Remember it’s your first time in this new environment and you have a lot of things to remember and parents sympathize with that. As long as the child is safe parents will be grateful you were there for the evening and won’t focus on whatever you forget.

6.What if the parents don’t like how I handled the evening?- Another easy one. If they don’t like how you handled it they will tell you so, no parent is shy when it comes to how you handle their children. Will they fire you if they don’t like you? Maybe. Whether they fire you or not, take advantage of their disapproval and ask what they didnt like, what you could have done better, or simply think about it on your own and pick out areas from the night where you could have done better. Then next time implement those changes  whether with a new client or the same one and its sure to be a better experience for everyone.

5. What if the child gets hurt and it’s my fault? – Kids get hurt, accidents happen and parents understand that.  Even if you are the one that accidentally hits them in the face with your elbow, as long as you don’t panic, and don’t tell the kid not to tell their parents you will be fine. Like I said parents know that accidents happen because they have probably caused a few themselves.

4. What if they don’t eat dinner?– No matter how much you may try, if a child has decided they wont eat dinner there really is no way to force them. Most likely they have eaten earlier in the day. Not eating dinner won’t kill them. But forcing them to eat may make your otherwise great night absolutely terrible. Try for a little bit and if it doesn’t work move on.If they get hungry later they will tell you and they can eat dinner then.

3. What if they wont stop crying?– Crying can be terribly annoying for everyone in the house, however sometimes kids just won’t stop. If this happens remember that it’s normal, start by hugging them and telling them its going to be ok. Next find out the reason for the tears and then if it’s something you can’t fix distract the child with their favorite toy, TV show ,silly faces or a little tickle. They will be smiling again in no time. If they continue to cry without any reason don’t worry, most likely they are tired or miss mom and dad. For either reason simply do what you can to comfort them, try some warm milk with sugar.Eventually they will calm down and fall asleep.

2. The child refuses to go to bed.– This will probably happen. There is really no way to stop it. The reason for it is usually that they miss their parents and you can’t replace them. However don’t argue or yell simply assure the child mom and dad will be home soon, or that when they wake up mom will be home but they have to sleep first. Offer to sit in their room with them or let them cuddle on the couch with you, play some calming music for them or read them a story.  Usually they will fall asleep on their own just having you there and if they don’t it’s OK the parents will be home soon and know what to do.

1. What if the kid hates me?- This may be the hardest worry of them all. You can’t predict how a child is going to feel about you.Because of that all you can do is decide what you will do in advance to hopefully keep them from starting to dislike you. Bring things along that children enjoy but probably dont get on a regular basis like glow sticks, candy,games from your childhood,a new movie or even an old one they have never seen.  You will be amazed how these simple things can get any child back on your side for the night.

So there you have it 7 worries and plenty of ways to keep your worries at bay for your first night of babysitting. Always rememeber to stay calm, be prepared and smile and if something does go wrong Dont Worry! Simply explain it to the parents when they get home and remember your next experience will be much better!

Do you have another way that you keep these worries at bay? Or do you have other worries not listed here? If so I would love you to share them with me!

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